About Us

Charity organisation “Lootus Sinuga” was established in January 2013 in Tallinn. At first we were just helping large families with food shortages in Lasnamae. We were based in a basement of a block of flats in Lasnamae. After a while we opened a Facebook page www.facebook.com\lootusinuga, which became very popular. Thanks to the growing number of caring volunteers we started helping needy people with clothes, furniture, hygiene products, medicines etc.


In May 2013 Irina and her family joined our organisation. With their invaluable help we managed to move into a spacious, warm and comfortable room. Since then, there have been many charity events. Many new volunteers joined our organisation who gave us an opportunity to help even more people in need. But Socrates once said: - "There is no limit to perfection!" That is why we are constantly in search of new ideas, active people and supplies of food and goods. This website has information about people we help how to help and what kind of assistance is required at the minute. We would be very grateful for your cooperation.

Help to Help